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About Tracy

Tracy Eckstrand is a folk-rock, singer-songwriter based in Rochester, New York. She recently released her new EP, "Who Is Gonna Rescue You," as well as a new single, "Not Too Far Away." Here is what reviewers have said about Tracy's sound and her songs. 

"Tracy Eckstrand is like that morning breeze that leaves your spine shaken but soothes your soul.” *Muse Chronicle

"I absolutely fell in love with the more pop-sounding “Borrowing Oxygen”, it’s becoming one of my ‘obsessing over’ songs so far in 2024…super melodic, super iconic and super catchy…this is a one-of-a-kind experience."  *Rock Era Magazine

 "Tracy’s voice has a rich, velvety tone that draws you in, and you find yourself getting lost in her unique vocals. There’s something melancholy yet soothing about the way she sings the song, "Something Happened."   *Sinusoidal Music 

"This is a gorgeous warm americana rock pop sound (Come Around), with lush vocals and nostalgic feel to the arrangement. Loved listening to this and classic songwriting." *Independent Music Playlists